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GOOD NEWS, for the country

It should as if the people are finally going to win with the help and support of President Trump, the military and millions of strong Americans.

Perhaps the People will once again own their homes (instead of the STATE), be able to catch rain water, build a pond on their own property, have control over their children rather than some Kids for Cash STATE manufactured program, etc.  Perhaps you will marry as a private agreement between you and your wife/husband VOID of STATE interference or claim and so much more.

Finally, Public Servants will be personally and individually held liable for their fraud, extortion and even TREASON against people, Constitution and country.

Won't it be refreshing, and relief, proud and safe moment to be able to stand as the American you are rather than a political 'subect'/citizen you are ascribed to be?  Watch, listen and THINK!

"Impossible" is motivation.

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