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TRAPS are being set?

Traps, lies and misinformation are being set for ALL.  There is no lie to small, or big for that matter, or deceit or damage to great the traitors will not inflict.  Be careful, stick together. I could be smart to use spnwo.com and its event and calendar tools.

Stay safe. Stay in known groups. Do not put yourself or loved ones at risk.  Chances are they are not taking their meds but still hitting the bottle or other hard?

Posted on traitor Twitter?  Comments are don't fall for it. Reportedly, President Trump with the military has this.  He needs every AMERICAN to have his back. 

Thanks for standing. SOV


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  • 22 minutes passing out weapons to antifa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1j7-y7TWFxA&feature=youtu.

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    • Fyi, Youtube says removed due to violating their xxxxxx (opinion).

      Good job though.

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