Sovereign People

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Sovereign People

We are a faith-based community of self-governing people. We choose to self-govern directly within, not be ruled from without. We govern by free-will and self-determination as a natural and unalienable right, power and authority void of third party or entity molestation.

All else is hereby and herein thrown-off and not binding upon a people herein joined.

We believe in each other and choose to act collectively as a family community in creating new guards for the protection of liberties, rights, powers, property, faith, commerce (one to one, or one to many) and law.

No third party has a superior right, power or authority by which to trespass upon the people. Such is not granted, authorized, or by treaty or Constitution contracted.

Any people herein joined whom by act or statement threatens or causes injury or harm to another herein joined, by whatever manner, shall be accountable, liable and due remedy to whom injured and the people as a whole. For to threaten or injure one is to threaten or injure all.

Any and all trespass, assault or other violation may be met with equal or greater force at the expense, liability of the trespasser(s) and due remedy to the people (individually and/or collectively). Each act, trespass and violation shall be per person, individual, entity, corporation or other per event, per day with each day constituting a new and separate offence until remedy, including all damages, costs and expenses, is secured by the people injured in fact and/or spirit of the law.

Those joined herein declare, decree and defend this free-will determination.