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The Exposer

This is for the team cooperating in getting out vetted news and building County assemblies.

Welcome to your Sovereign Peoples New World Order platform. Tell me how I/we can help you be successful independently and collectively.  There is much designed into the functionality and capabilities right here on spnwo.com.  It has been designed to enable the people do perform all the functions they need, and that they up until now must rely upon third party governments, corporations or others to do.

Most the people can do on their own. For themselves. More efficiently and certainly at lower cost and corruption than is currently endured.  For as I have said many times, "When the people lead, governments must follow."  Live your sovereignty daily.

I/we look forward to supporting your needs and teaming with you as we create the Peoples New World Order. What ever a government, bank, or corporation offers a people is rarely, if ever in the peoples best interest.

Let's get this done. NOW!

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