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The war is on. What is the Peoples next corrective action?

OK... President Trump is FIGHTING. He needs EVERY American in the fight and supporting him, the Constitution, the country and every American. The traitors are on their own, probably backed by CHINA, Canada and Mexico among others.

The People have sat and done nothing to long. It's time to take corrective action.

I think I know what to do, or many of the things. This is why spnwo.com (Sovereign Peoples New World Order) was created. However, you should help, participate and be a part of creating not only the future for yourself, your family and country, but set examples and precident for ALL of mankind.  This is our opportunity. The world is depending on what the American people do. They have already given over their liberties and countries to fictional entity tyrants and traitors.

What do you say and have to contribute. Your thoughts, skills and resources are needed, respected and appreciated.

Blessings and thank you in advance, SOV

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    • Howdy all from Big Sky Country! I am looking forward to traversing this site as a possible template for Tactical Civics.

      Thanks Robert for inviting me in!

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      • "What do you say and have to contribute..." You are so right. The world IS depending on what Americans do. It is OURS to do and lead. We have never had such a favorable wind in our sails to restore our sovereign rule and make our servant government obey our law- the Constitution for these united States.

        Here is the only lawful, comprehensive and doable ACTION plan for doing that county by county all across America.


        Come join us. Be a part of setting things straight, restoring Liberty and making history as we do.

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