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It should as if the people are finally going to win with the help and support of President Trump, the military and millions of strong Americans.

Perhaps the People will once again own their homes (instead of the STATE), be able to catch rain water, build a pond on their own property, have control over their children rather than some Kids for Cash STATE manufactured program, etc.  Perhaps you will marry as a private agreement between you and your wife/husband VOID of STATE interference or claim and so much more.

Finally, Public Servants will be personally and individually held liable for their fraud, extortion and even TREASON against people, Constitution and country.

Won't it be refreshing, and relief, proud and safe moment to be able to stand as the American you are rather than a political 'subect'/citizen you are ascribed to be?  Watch, listen and THINK!

"Impossible" is motivation.

So many lies and misinformation it is hard to find, much less know the truth.

However, reportedly President Trump will be speaking at 3pm EST.

We can only hope there will be good news for Constitutional American, not a Welcome to China speech.

Traps, lies and misinformation are being set for ALL.  There is no lie to small, or big for that matter, or deceit or damage to great the traitors will not inflict.  Be careful, stick together. I could be smart to use and its event and calendar tools.

Stay safe. Stay in known groups. Do not put yourself or loved ones at risk.  Chances are they are not taking their meds but still hitting the bottle or other hard?

Posted on traitor Twitter?  Comments are don't fall for it. Reportedly, President Trump with the military has this.  He needs every AMERICAN to have his back. 

Thanks for standing. SOV


Americans better listen up, stand with Trump, Constitutional and law.  It is past time to right ourselves individually, collectively and then our governance/government.

Wise and necessary to THROW-OFF. at this point. That does not mean get rid of our Constitution, principals and values of and for the individuals rights, powers and authority.

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OK... President Trump is FIGHTING. He needs EVERY American in the fight and supporting him, the Constitution, the country and every American. The traitors are on their own, probably backed by CHINA, Canada and Mexico among others.

The People have sat and done nothing to long. It's time to take corrective action.

I think I know what to do, or many of the things. This is why (Sovereign Peoples New World Order) was created. However, you should help, participate and be a part of creating not only the future for yourself, your family and country, but set examples and precident for ALL of mankind.  This is our opportunity. The world is depending on what the American people do. They have already given over their liberties and countries to fictional entity tyrants and traitors.

What do you say and have to contribute. Your thoughts, skills and resources are needed, respected and appreciated.

Blessings and thank you in advance, SOV

What a relief to actually read, or hear. If they are backing President Trump then they are backing the Constitution and the American People.

Military behind President Trump and the People